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Are you thinking about purchasing new doors and windows? Do you have questions? Browse our FAQ section to find out more about PF Expert Portes & Fenêtres in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. For more information, please feel free to call us.

Is the warranty valid if I install the product myself or if I have it installed by an installer of my choice?

The warranty on PVC and thermal windows, and on parts, remains valid. However, any problem resulting from improper installation will be the responsibility of the installer in question, and not PF Expert.

What warranties apply to installation?

PF Expert offers the best warranties on the market. For more information, consult the Warranty page.

Do the various types of windows provide the same level of performance?

By design, casement windows are the most efficient. This does not mean that the other types of windows are not efficient. They all comply with minimum Building Code standards.

Are PF-Expert windows Energy Star Certified?

All windows with LowE and argon coating, regardless of the model, meet energy-efficiency standards and are Energy Star Certified.

What are the various climate zones?

In order to certify Energy Star products with the government agency, Canada has been divided into three zones. Zone 1 is the warmest, and Zone 3 is the coldest.


What is the difference between your doors and those sold at big box stores?

Not all steel doors available on the market are the same. We source our door panels from Novatech. We use module N700, a superior-quality and highly efficient product. No detail is overlooked in providing you with the quality you are looking for, including the following:

  • Baked-on paint (interior and exterior)
  • 24-gram steel (thickness)
  • Frame (completely covered)
  • Urethane insulation (complete)

For more information, consult the Warranty page.

What can be done if there is condensation inside the thermal cavity of a window?

Condensation problems inside the thermal cavity and gas loss are covered by the warranty. To have the window replaced, simply contact a customer service representative, who will ask for the thermal identification number, which is found at the top right-hand corner.

What causes condensation?

People are often surprised to see condensation when they change their windows, because they did not experience it with their old windows. Excessive humidity inside the home with high-efficiency windows can be the cause. There are numerous resources for learning more about this subject

Who Manufacturers Your Products?

PF Expert manufactures its own doors and windows. Our offices are located in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where you will also find our manufacturing facility, where our team produces superior-quality products at competitive prices. We also carry Decko doors and windows and Garaga garage doors. In addition, we supply products for the following brands:

  • Energy Star
  • Novatech
  • Verre Sélect

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