Patio DoorFusion

The Fusion patio door is the designated product for high-end residential needs or light commercial projects.

The Fusion door is born from a judicious combination of aluminum and PVC. The product benefits from the warmth of the PVC inside, and the durability and the flexibility of the aluminum outside.

Price: $$$$$

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Sturdy frame
  • 6'' wide hybrid frame: PVC interior and aluminum exterior
  • Welded interior frame and mechanically fastened corners exterior frame for added durability and warp resistance.
Superior panels
  • Interior welded PVC sashes
  • Exterior sashes made of sturdy aluminum extrusion assembled with corner keys
  • Sashes are reinforced with steel
  • Self-lubricating nylon roller mechanism ensures effortless opening of the panels
Energy efficiency
  • Double weather-stripping provides exceptional thermal performance

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